About Veraria

Making a notebook worthy of your every word
Creating Veraria

Veraria was born out of need and curiosity by founder and maker Laysa de la Parra Johnson. 

“I realized the love I had for writing on paper was outweighing the love I had for the earth. I think all of us are trying to clean up our daily habits to minimize our impact. This was a big area for me. After searching for an eco-friendly notebook, I ended up with options that lacked quality, style and function. I didn’t want to compromise, so I decided to create a notebook that encompassed all of these features.”

Premium Quality materials

Our materials are made from recycled content, manufactured under sustainable practices, and mostly sourced from around the USA.

Designed + Handmade with love in trying times

“In 2019, I conceived this idea along with my first pregnancy all within the same month. But when I lost that pregnancy a few months later, my idea for Veraria remained. Over the past two years I've gone in and out of multiple pregnancy losses while researching, testing, creating prototypes, and working through COVID-19 supply chain setbacks.

I used my early Veraria prototypes to help organize my ideas, plan out the product launch, and write freely about my healing journey after loss. I truly wanted to create a notebook that’s worthy of your every word and one you feel inspired to write in.

I believe you’ll find that with the Veraria notebook.”

What does Veraria mean?

VER is latin for "truth" and ARIA means "air".

Together, Veraria stands for high quality materials you can trust and manufacturing practices that help make our earth cleaner to live on.